*Hogar de Niñas Cristo Obrero Aug, 2014*

A home with girls ranging from the ages of three to eighteen years old.  They are excluded from society, and all of them have been mistreated, and have suffered physical and/or sexual abuse. With our support these institution is able to provide children with shelter, food, educational and recreational opportunities as well as physical and psychological treatment.

*Hogar de Niñas Cristo Obrero ​ March 2015*


They help over 150 needy and very poor children in nearby areas in Nicaragua.  They provide them with the word of God and basic education.  Its form of 5 teachers and 6 ladies that help with the kitchen area to provide them with food.  The ministry is ran on a daily basis with 3 administrative personnel.  Every Sunday the volunteers go pick up the children to their homes and return them .  To do this they have to cross a river with no bridge by foot.


They currently help over 540 kids, including 140 orphans.  These kids have been physically abused, abandoned, and forced to work on the streets.  They open doors for children that wish to have a better future.  They help kids get a formal education accompanied by intervention psychology, as well as teaching them vocational skills. They provide medical attention, nourishment, dentistry, sports activities, music, dance, theater, and most important of all, an education in moral values and faith. 

* Fashion Show with a Purpose Aug, 23, 2014

* Fashion Show with a Purpose ​Modeling Show - Aug, 23, 2014